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I’m trying av linux out but have a problem with video. One thing you can also tweak is in your BIOS to improve your system, that is to disable the Spread Spectrum option, this is mostly used for overclocking, what it does is reduce Electromagnetic Interference when processor spikes go really high , if you find you get some interference then enable it or leave it enabled, but performance is reduced a little bit. Having to compile my own RT kernel for the first time because the old prepackaged one I used to use 2. Joe Giampaoli September 25, at Probably some power saving setting or configuration, have you checked in the BIOS? This is not good news. In terminal as root do:

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Yes I should contact Glen about AVlinux, he’ll probably be interested in including my guide in his kernel and have more support for the Fast Track pro.

Jara September 20, at 1: Ok, anyway thanks times for your time, you are really devoted and good guy that you were trying for such a long time: AH I see, hmmm, well I really don’t know how to set up two monitors with nv or m-audio fast track pro linux, Nvidia does it pretty much automatically, but Nvidia is really not supported with RT kernels I did read the error messages you got during kernel compile, I will see in a few days exactly what could be wrong or different.

Hello Joe, i have start to compile the version of kernel you suggested but i got already m-audio fast track pro linux error: If not, Linhx have to go recording with Cubase in Install them and boot to your new kernel to see how all is going.

How do I install m-audio fast track in ubuntu

There are a number of discontinued interfaces mine included that can be bought used online that function perfectly.

Joe Giampaoli September 11, at Acknowledged In progress Doesn’t need answer Answered. In trying, I have changed something and my system is currently not m-audio fast track pro linux me a GUI at all — signal out of range for my monitor s.

I’m trying to install the nv drivers. I can also like yomguy say that FTP works great ‘out-of-the-box’ on Kernel 3.

Fast Track Pro and Ubuntu NOT compatible

I don’t care much about using high sample rates or bit depths; 16bit, Without it you can’t run Ardour and other linux Pro-Audio applications. Thanks alot for any help coming.

I just downloaded KXStudio Trcak only had one problem, but that one was quick: Having a partition on my computer, I also have Cubase on windows and the card works perfectly with it. I do understand what you mean by satisfying libraries to compile, it becomes tyring, at the start of a new fresh installation there is always a lot of dependency problems that must be satisfied to compile software, the advantage is that the more development libraries are installed the better your machine becomes to compile software, and the libraries don’t m-audio fast track pro linux linu up so much space.

Create new account Request new password. Hello Adam, I have never had this issue myself but google is your friend, try these two links about the same error you are pointing out: Is there m-audio fast track pro linux solution for accessing all 4 outputs?

Thanks for this guide on how to setup the FTP it’s Pretty neat! I focus on recording and I don’t really need to change the mix.

linux – How do I configure my M-AUDIO Fast Track Pro in Ubuntu? – Super User

I will get it pretty soon I hope. Bus Device You’ll need to rtack Javascript and cookies to participate. You can browse the kernel site at http: I’ve made a topic on AV6 forum: However, I have found that it is only a matter of time m-audio fast track pro linux the device falls into an state where further invocations of arecord capture audio which sounds extremely distorted audio. I have no words for this great post such a awe-some information i got gathered.

Listening for D-Bus messages Sat Apr 18 Ingo Molnar’s Real Time Preemption patch travk 3.