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My Wifi displays other wifi network but I cannot see my network. AND, there is a magnetic property on the front of the system which makes me wonder if it is causing interference. I had my laptop serviced yesterday and perhaps they did something inadvertently? Sometimes this DNS problem can be seen when more than one of these programs is running. When I move my arm, it comes back.

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I have checked bios for more options but it is rudimentary at best, no mention of networks other than usual wake-on-lan. This brings me to my question — do you think it might be a wireless card issue? Hi Shane — this may be a power management issue.

Same as one question above: I am just connecting my phone to my laptop and am using USB tethering to connect to acer aspire 4750g wireless adapter internet since all our other laptops and phones can connect to the wifi. I used my wireless connection for a very long time and all of a acer aspire 4750g wireless adapter it just stoped working.

Windows Update Error EE2 Microsoft offers regular updates to make Windows more secure and fix any bugs that affect the performance of the Windows system. The first asspire to try with network problems is to plug out your router for a minute or so — then plug back in and test.

Dec 03, Acer D D Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP. My Wifi key does not turn on the Wifi lamp as well.

I called acer support and he had me restore system settings, uninstall a driver. This 47750g why I think it may just may be a crappy Qualcomm network card: I already uninstalled and reinstall my driver but still.

Search for “qualcomm wireless adapter driver”

Thank you for these steps! Hi can you please help I bought my daughter an acer aspire E15 for Christmas and the wifi was working fine until 3 days ago and now we have a wifi connection but it acer aspire 4750g wireless adapter not connect to the internet. Updating drivers can help enhance the performance of your Dell laptop.

After I enter the password and connect it says verifying and connecting and then says unable to connect wirdless this network.

Acer aspire 4750g no wireless network adapter found

It can be worth trying changes here. Whenever I try to connect to our home wifi, it always says “Unidentified Network. If you are having problems charging your laptop battery, then reading adatper post may acre you a lot of time, money and frustration! If D-drive doesn’t exist in your laptop then change the letter d to c. Hi I have got a big problem with my wifi, I have done everything in my power but still no look. Thanks acer aspire 4750g wireless adapter andvace, let me know if you need more details.

Hi Asuna — can you connect to the internet via a wired acer aspire 4750g wireless adapter

Acer Aspire / G Driver Windows XP / Win 7 /WIn 8 – Driver for Windows

I tried these steps on my Acer Aspire V and it worked! If you have recently bought a PS3 controller acer aspire 4750g wireless adapter looking for steps to connect it to Windows PC then this post is for you. Solution to Canon Pixma MX printer errors You have an urgent print job lined up, but the Canon MX goes dead the moment you issue the print command.

Related Question I have an Acer Aspire and i cannot use the wireless lan am suppose to connect a cable when i want to use the internet can you help please?

The service that acer aspire 4750g wireless adapter done was to find the cause of my battery not charging any more. You can register the software to automate this if you prefer.

Can you please help me? The acer community forums are rife with the stench of those qualcomm cards…. What article are you refering to to use.

Are you able to send emails etc.