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If you are using A4-size paper, set this switch On; this sets the page length to 12 inches. If the print head does print on the platen, feed a few sheets of paper through the printer to clean the ink off the platen. Make sure the printer is turned on and on-line. The lights you see appear in this typeface: Canon also provides a bulletin board service BBS.

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I use the menu button shutdown and the canon bj-230 printer goes blank, but the system does not fully shut down. Align the stack of danon with the right edge of the sheet feeder and slide in the stack until it stops.

Canon BJ-230 User Manual: Selecting A Printer Driver

Check the printer for a paper jam. See Appendix C for information on the character sets. After making any necessary changes to canon bj-230 printer printing parameters. What Second Tenor and I both want is to print on A3.

Canon BJ-230 User Manual

Select the Canon BJ as your printer, and canon bj-230 printer Setup. For canon bj-230 printer products, a driver is necessary to enable the connection between your product and a computer.

Selecting a Printer Driver The installation programs for most applications offer a list of printer drivers from which to choose. If nothing happens, call the Canon help desk. I know this maybe deemed harsh for some users but many older printers fall into this category.

Drivers for Canon BJ Printers for Windows 7

These character sets provide you with printee characters and symbols used in other languages. DRV filename appears in the Driver Files box. Find the right contact for each country and get through to the experts who can help you.

After canon bj-230 printer remove the tape that protects this lever during shipping, slide the lever to the left. None canon bj-230 printer all color values to appear either black or white; no in-between colors are represented. Subscribe for the bj-20 reviews and tutorials.

BJ mode or Epson LQ mode. Local Porl Hot Preienl r. If you cannot quickly resume normal operation, contact CCSI’s experienced support personnel at the help desk. If the problem is cleared, the ON LINE indicator will blink canon bj-230 printer a few seconds and then lights steadily, and the print head will move to the home position.

Download Canon BJ Printer Driver for Windows 9X, Windows ME

Always use a three- wire, grounded power receptacle electrical wall outlet with three holes for your printer’s power cord. Load paper and begin canon bj-230 printer print operation. Press the button repeatedly to feed as many lines as you want.

Do not clean the exterior of the printer with volatile liquids, such as thinners or benzine, or any other spray spray-type or chemical cleaners. Start Word for Windows 2. The following table lists the print styles that are available in each printer control canon bj-230 printer.

Do not set anything on top of the printer. Before printing on envelopes, you need to turn on the envelope mode. Slide off the orange protective cap from the print head and then remove the orange tape. canon bj-230 printer

Application programs include a group canon bj-230 printer programs, called printer drivers, that support different canon bj-230 printer. Make sure you have connected the correct interface cable to your computer and that the connections are secure.

Make sure the power is off any time you connect or disconnect the power cord or interface cable. If this prints, the problem is pringer the communication between the printer and your computer.

In reduction mode, the printer automatically sets the printer dimension as follows: