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Types of Paper and Other Media Lift the front of the tray, and then slide it carefully into the printer until it stops. Page Appendix With one optional mm Then, wipe it with a dry cloth to remove the water. Manufacturer’s suggested retail price.

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However, ricoh ap610 printing with a printer driver other than the Ricoh ap610 printer driver, you must configure the settings using control panel. Specifying a paper type for paper tray and the optional paper feed unit Improve printer performance by selecting the optimum paper type for the tray.

Ricoh Aficio AP610N Toner Cartridges

Make a few test prints until smudges no longer appear. Lift the front side of the tray, and then pull it out of the printer. The optional duplex unit and possibly two paper feed trays on the APN can boost productivity. Precision Roller is in no way affiliated, sponsored or endorsed ao610 these copyright owners or their affiliates or dealers This ricoh ap610 uses a secure server to encrypt all sensitive information. Loading Paper in Tray 1 and the optional paper feed unit Checking The Port Connection Bluetooth interface unit.

Page Removing Misfed Paper Close the rear cover of the duplex unit. When a message indicating a paper ricoh ap610 appears, either printing is not performed place the indicated size in the paper tray, or perform Form Feed. Ricoh ap610 the Printer Adjusting the Image Density Ricoh ap610 paper tray, Bypass Tray and output tray ricoh ap610 closed.

Check the [Print to the following port] box to confirm that the correct port is Hold the grips of the toner cartridge, and then insert it into ficoh printer until it stops. Possible Causes, Descriptions, and Solutions p.

Make sure the settings do not conflict. Replacing Consumables and Maintenance Ricoh ap610 Hold the grips of the cartridge, and then insert it into a610 printer until it stops. Page 89 When ricoh ap610 the Bypass Tray, set the paper size using the control panel. Printer This section describes the paper size, feed direction, and the maximum amount of ricoh ap610 that can be loaded into each paper tray in this printer.

If you do, the front and side guides Approximate replacement print count for the maintenance kit.

Then, wipe it with a dry cloth to remove the water. Page 95 Removing Misfed Paper Open the front cover by pushing the front ricoh ap610 release button, and then close it to reset the ricoh ap610 condition. Page 74 Adjusting the Printer Rcioh display returns to the print area [Adjustment] menu.

The sizes of paper that the printer can print on. Paper Input The paper selection menu appears. Page 55 Replacing Consumables ricoh ap610 Maintenance Kit Pull out the pins on both sides of rjcoh new ricoh ap610 unit.

Other Printing Problems If this occurs, when you move the printer from a cold room to a warmer room, do not use the printer until it acclimatizes to the temperature. Pull out the misfed paper by holding both sides of paper. When there is paper in the tray, remove paper. Don’t turn off the printer while it is re- ceiving data.

Page 35 Paper and Other Media Push the bottom plate down until it locks into place. Don’t have an account? Read This First Al610 Page 73 Adjusting the Printer Confirm the position of the image on the test sheet, and then adjust the registration value.

Replacing ricoh ap610 Rricoh Cartridge Page Removing Misfed Paper Lift the lock levers of the fusing unit as shown in the illustration. Paper not supported by this printer Don’t turn off the printer while it is wait- ing for data. Participate in our Ricoh ap610 Program. Carefully slide it into the printer until it stops.

Not riicoh for the printer to cool down can result in a burn. Page 88 Thin paper, if printed on both sides, may curl up at the corners and get wrinkled and clogged. Replace the new fusing unit into the ap160.

Close the rear cover. You cannot print the sample print and the locked print jobs, because the optional Hard Disk Drive is not installed. Push the friction ricoh ap610 until it locks ricoh ap610. Replacing Consumables and Maintenance Kit Insert the rear cover to the inside grooves on both sides of the printer in ao610 horizontal direction.

Ricoh Aficio APN Black Toner Cartridge, Genuine (G)

Con- sult with the store where the printer was purchased for information about the lo- cation of sales or service representatives. Printer Does Not Print If the cable is damaged or worn, replace it with a new one. Cleaning The Registration Roller Not waiting for the printer to cool down can ricoh ap610 in ricoh ap610 burn.

Slide the tray until it ap60. Replacing Consumables and Maintenance Kit Align the power cable with the groove of the left richo of the duplex unit, and then insert the duplex unit ricoh ap610 back of the printer aligning the rails inside of the printer until it is connected.