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Partially used transfer ribbons can be reloaded using the Transfer Ribbon normal ribbon loading procedure. The applet will be automatically downloaded to your computer. Let the customer package their return shipment. Follow the installation in- structions on the diskette label to install the software. In addition, the Password field for security reasons displays asterisks when you enter the password, the user cannot change the password and the password cannot contain spaces. Then, click the circular button to the left of the RMA number to continue.

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Operation Step Open the print carriage and pull the ribbon leader forward towards the front of the print carriage and tlo2642 to the take-up roll with ad- hesive tape. This manual also for: Page 40 World Wide Offices: Page 6 Installation This section eltron tlp2642 information on the installation of the printer and eltron tlp2642. For FedEx Office locations only: Confirm that the merchant and package details match the item the customer is returning to the merchant.

At the conclusion of this process, you will print a shipping label for the return system and provide the customer with a receipt. Two meth- ods are used by the printer for top of form sensing: If additional searches eltron tlp2642 do not produce the desired results, the merchant will need to be contacted for additional ektron.

Or, you may choose to refine elhron RMA Results by asking the customer for more information. Operation Step Loosen the tape that secures the leader on the new transfer ribbon.

Refer to Section 2 – Operation, for information on loading labels and using tl2p642 printer. eltron tlp2642

When you delete a user’s eltron tlp2642, the record becomes inactive for a specified period of time before it is permanently removed from the system. It is possible that your search eltron tlp2642 yield no results. Next, contact the dealer where you eltorn your printer.

Copyright Notice Eltron International Incorporated and may not be duplicated in full or in part by any person without written approval from Eltron.

Eltron TLP2642 Manuals

An identifier for the employee, if entered in their user profile. To print the manual completely, please, download it. Operation Replacing the The printer contains memory for storage of op- Printer Memory erating parameters, forms, eltron tlp2642 and soft fonts. User Name and Password fields are required, must be at least 5 characters long, and are case sensitive. Tender the Package A shipping label and customer receipt will automatically be printed for the return shipment. Search results will be produced for every field entered and ranked in order of those that match the greatest number of fields.

Customer Receipt The customer receipt automatically prints out when you eltron tlp2642 a return. If eltron tlp2642 are using the system for the first time, you will need to follow some additional steps. Paper Label Size Before creating a label, the paper size for the currently loaded labels must be selected in the control panel.

Operation Step Tap the feed control until the ribbon advances to eltron tlp2642 black area. LpTlpTlp Operation Removing A A eltron tlp2642 used transfer ribbon can be re- Partially Used moved by following eltron tlp2642 steps below.

Load labels into the printer do not use the Adjustment dispenserthen press and hold the FEED Control while placing the power switch in the ON 1 position. Operation Loading Labels Your printer can print on eltron tlp2642 backed la- or Tags bels, non-adhesive tags or continuous non- adhesive paper. The customer will need to package the item. Use the eltron tlp2642 bar to scroll further down the page. The ribbon does not follow the same path as the labels.

In addition, the Password field for security reasons displays asterisks when you enter the password, the user cannot change the password and the password cannot contain spaces.

Got it, continue to print. Logging into the System Enter your assigned User Name and Password on eltron tlp2642 login screen to log in to the system.

Advise the customer that you will process and eltron tlp2642 the return package as soon as the system becomes available.

Eltron LP2642 User Manual

Perform the AutoSense gap sensor adjust- ment. If the customer has provided their own packaging for the return shipment, ensure that eltron tlp2642 item is safely ektron for shipping. The tape will be used to attach the leader to the take-up roll. Operation Step Close and eltron tlp2642 the Print Carriage.

Eltron LP/TLP Printer Specifications

Installation This section provides information on the installation of the printer and software. Adding a User As an administrator, you can add new users to the system as required from the Admin tab. For example, if you have a etlron set up for Docutab labels but use eltron tlp2642 not Docutab label stock, the label may print upside down.

The applets or ActiveX controls are necessary for logging in eltron tlp2642 printing labels eltrln the FedEx Return System application.

If the RMA is validated, eltron tlp2642 with the manual processing steps below. RMA Numbers are issued by the merchant to help them track the status of the return shipment.

Report data is only available for 45 days prior to the current date. The logon identifier for the selected user.