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Test the laptop with each memory module separately. Any ideas what could have gone wrong, what to check..? I tried reinstalling windows and the audio drivers but it did not solve the problem. It happens because there is no power coming to the motherboard. There is nothing on the lcd, tried disassembling it step by step but still nothing worked. The screen remains black throughout.

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This has never happened before. When I push the on inspiton, the power light comes on, but that is it…. I saw some guy use a heat gun on youtube to fix the problem by using a heatgun to blow on the mobo, so it will resoulder the parts together.

Dear all, I am facing a strange problem.

If i stick the power cable in the battery led does go on and after some charging it jumps from orange to yellow indicating the battery is charged.

Where would I find a new one? If it spots error then its your RAM. Thanks fro having a place to ask quetions. After that replace the screen.

I dont have the batery at present,iam using it at home at fixed place,ihave repaced battery one year ago,this problume persist since decmber Will it start when only one module is installed? Let me try the module, no DVD…, bare motherboard and see where Communicagion end up. Test the AC adapter first.

Only i see the fan is running and the light on power button. I figured out that the problem was with the heat sink being too much tightly fastened on the CPU I had fasten that myself once when cleaning the fan. I always recommend buying an original replacement adapter from the manufacturer, not a generic one. And im stumped also, i get external video sometimes and no video on lcd. Will it turn on when you push on dell inspiron n5110 pci simple communication controller power button?

I have tested the ac adapter and battery and they are okay. If the laptop requires 19 volts, you must use 19 volts.

If successful, shut the computer down, install the battery and reboot. You can try cpntroller I do not repair them except replacing bad power jack. I need your help….

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This chip is what regulates the voltage to the CPU. If the motherboard is fried would it still recieve power and show you that the ac adaptor is connected? Occasionally, when the adapter is plugged in there will be a short communicagion when I press the power button, but nothing else.

CPU with the cooling module. Test the laptop with each memory module separately.

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You have to change the motherboardwhich is very costly. I think I have the cited MoBo problem, and need dell inspiron n5110 pci simple communication controller help. The same problem goes to me but much more worst no boot,no bios and the screen totally blank but it start like normal lptp.

Do you have a multimeter? So I left it in the top of my closet in a safe controllerr until I could afford a new charger. I have stripped the laptop down in order to check conttoller obvious signs of a problem, with the charger plugged in and switched on I can find 19 Volts at various points on the motherboard using a digital multimeter.

If the system starts, I start adding parts one by one and test the laptop after each step. The laptop will commumication properly when the failed module removed.

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communciation It comes in an external monitor. Evidently there is a systemboard crack near the back but after removing the pcb and staring at it thru a glass, until blue in the face, I cant see it. What is the problem?