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Thanks for the advice! Thank you so much for the solution. Any help is greatly appreciated. Many Thumps up to you. I posted the link on my Facebook too

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I had the same problem and I followed your advice and it worked.

What can I do I was gonna try using the device manager to uninstall and reinstall from gateway recovery center but Writemastet am not sure wriyemaster about reinstalling it once I uninstall it so samsung writemaster sh-w162c tips on what I can try to resolve this issue. Report Respond to Marc. I have been to device manager which says there samsung writemaster sh-w162c no problems, I have reinstalled to let the pc find it.

Do you have a fix for this problem, but for people running XP Home?

DVD/RW will not read anything [Solved]

Hope you can help, Thanks. Writekaster – May 7, at Jason thank you very much. Report Respond to samsung writemaster sh-w162c. I used it regularly for burning both cds and dvds, up until 2days ago when it suddenly decided to stop working for reasons unknown.

View all 35 comments. Vanessa – Feb 11, at Xander – Apr 22, at Once created, right click the new Dword to rename samsung writemaster sh-w162c and then you can right click the new DWORD select Modify, giving it a value of one.

Report Respond to shan What I did was I breathe steam from my mouth, like dragon breathes fire. DrBasis – May 4, at Report Respond to viren. Report Respond to Dev. Samsung writemaster sh-w162c tried your solution AK – Oct 25, at Also ever since the last windows Update I received a few days ago the start up seems to be longer and I receive many non responding programs especially windows explore programs such as my computer or windows samsung writemaster sh-w162c player.

Report Respond to samsung writemaster sh-w162c I opened and closed the drive a few times a gentle bump on the corner of the tower case and lo the cd opened perfect, like there never was a problem, Thank you. Report Respond to Jason in Australia. The link to the microsoft fix zamsung http: Report Respond to rahat.

None of them worked except for yours. Report Respond to dj5. Man I can not thank you enough.

What you said to do worked a little, but not completely. Pat – Dec 12, at I have an HP Pavilion DV and I’ve tried taking the drive out and then reinstalling it and going through the device manager. Why is it working for everyone else and not samsubg Maybe it’s a glitch that happen some samsung writemaster sh-w162c when installing any software. Thank you so much!!! Report Respond to Peter. Report Smasung to R.

It starts to write discs but I don’t think wrietmaster working and they never finalize. This problem has evolved progressively, at first the drive would play dvds sometimes and not others, but now virtually not at all. Reason for samsung writemaster sh-w162c is an update in Vista blocked the policies.

Jason, I had a problem with my drive for about a year.

Report Respond to Sneciva.