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I am having the exact same issues as described here. I am not pleased but expect or hope that there is a fix for this, Scansnap update? Runs as smooth as ever. So i turn on the firewall and made sure Scan Snap was checked, so the firewall would let it through, and now scan snap works great wirelessly. If you specify that you are using heavy cardstock in most modern printers the machine heats up the fuser more. Had a devil of a time getting my Scan Snap S to work under Windows 10 …. ScanSnap scanners provide mobile and one-touch document imaging, perfect for the smaller organization.

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Close the lid of your ScanSnap so that it is not active.

fujitsu scansnap fi-5110eox I used the File Explorer Option to locate the folder and then checked the properties. I have finally managed fhjitsu get my Snapscan ix to work, along with Snapscan Organiser. Mo Chi – January 31, Reply. Tom Bird – January 8, Reply.

The S software download V5. Patrick – August 18, Reply.

Manual Download

Tried setting win 10 power to always on, no change. You can find Brooks on Twitter at documentsnap or brooksduncan. Simon Conway-Smith – October 19, Reply. Rosalie Wallis – October 31, Reply. Services Financial Services Why Lease? My Fujitsu scansnap fi-5110eox works well with Windows Remote Access Auto Connection Manager f.

Chris – February 16, Reply.

FUJITSU Document Scanner ScanSnap iX500

It went through the wireless connection set up process and this time works perfectly. Plug and Play e. Fokke – December 13, Reply. See this page for instructions fujitsu scansnap fi-5110eox this page for software. This should start the driver installation. Lindsey – February 6, Reply.

After that everything works fine again. Usually, when you open up the iX scanner in Win 7 you get a notification at the fujitsu scansnap fi-5110eox right saying the scanner is ready.

Use of a Carrier Sheet permits the scanning of A3, B4, Did finally get it to make fi-5110ekx pdf, then scanner disconnected and has remained disconnected ever since, despite reboots, fujitsu scansnap fi-5110eox.

Firewall bypass, restart, connection tool its says the connection is fine but I still get error0x !! Big time company, fujitsu scansnap fi-5110eox time proactive effort for compatibile drivers for their scanners on Windows Since one week or so I am spending hours per day to get that bloody thing S running under Windows Fujitsu scansnap fi-5110eox click on Sx Brooks Duncan – August 12, Reply.

I upgraded to Win10 Pro from Win 7 Ultimate.

You can try this: Brooks Duncan – November 30, Reply. If your S stops working all of a sudden, definitely clear your temp file, cookies, and the recycle bin.

Mary – September 24, Reply. Electronic Devices Semiconductors Electromechanical Components.

ScanSnap iX Wireless Duplex Scanner for Mac & PC – Fujitsu United States

I rebooted and still the Fujirsu will not run. FredP – September 23, Reply. ScanSnap would not work until Fujitsu scansnap fi-5110eox selected the scansnap folder as the location to save files.

Have run the latest fujitsu driver update but still no dice. Fujitsu scansnap fi-5110eox I did an install from original disk, then the update.

I always get the message about the ScanSnap being in use by fujotsu user or application!!! Uninstalling and installing numerous times.

When trying to left click on the Scansnap Manager to change a profile, it takes over 10 seconds for the menu to come up. Richard Schlotfeldt – November 19, Fujitsu scansnap fi-5110eox. Worked great on Win 7.