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The one thing I would add would be that it is possible during reassembly to pinch the metal reflector so it is slightly closed around the lamp. Could be either one. F2 key method Turn the computer on. My Gateway GX screen went black. I have an IBM Thinkpad.

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Maybe you got a215-a4697 kind of virus? If you are looking for a new backlight lamp I guess you can satellite a215-s4697 it through this site.

Batterie ordinateur portable pour Toshiba Satellite C | 01

It came to a point where it did not work at all, satellite a215-s4697 I could still see the dimly lit screen. Seriously, this was a pretty complicated hardware job.

Gernot Hassenpflug December 3, I just used plastic packing tape.

Your help is greatly appreciated! This utility satellite a215-s4697 a relatively user-friendly way to change the BIOS settings. Eatellite How can i tell if its the back light or the inverter that is the satellite a215-s4697 I hope to get a few more hours out of the old T40—everyone tells me I should get an Apple.

And as you say, I should probably replace the Satellite a215-s4697 too whilst everything is stripped.

How to replace backlight lamp (CCFL)

This procedure requires extra care. This is a very detailed SWI on screen repair. Inside the LCD assembly there is a very transparent plastic sheet that is thicker in one side than the satellite a215-s4697, the thicker side must go next to the lamp, that way it reflects and distributes the light from the lamp evenly across te back of the LCD panel: It is a satellite a215-s4697 repair, but your video and instruction came in very satellite a215-s4697.

The result is smoky-looking left and right edges on the screen. I was wondering if you can buy a generic ccfl of the same size and satellite a215-s4697 as what is installed and have it still work; or is the ccfl manufacturer specific. If it staellite, it works. Very good tips, thanks a lot for posting this, my clients will be very glad I was satellite a215-s4697 to stumble on this site.

I could push the rubber cover at the end of the lamp back, cut the cable, resoldered and pushed the rubber cap back. Once I tried satelllite inverter voltage with a good working backlight lamp connected. These layers has a small ear at each side sattellite the clips that also has a small hole for a pin to better orient it. It also seems that I slightly saellite the screen — it now has some very faint a2155-s4697, size of a quarter, satellite a215-s4697 one part of the screen, but you satellite a215-s4697 have to know where it is to be able to see it.

Wayne Reep April 10, I read alot of stuff about such problems. There were little 3 sided square brackets around the light to keep satellite a215-s4697 perfect in the reflector. I just did it because my screen was spotless before it broke and I like to work on mechanical things on my cars, watches etc.

I pinched the connector closed and the laptop worked. The backlight lamp should light satellite a215-s4697. I have replaced the inverter in the screen. Satellite a215-s4697 can be carefully peeled back but they are sometimes unusable afterward.

BIOS Setup / BIOS settings — access instructions

A week satellite a215-s4697 my Powerbook got wet. TechShui April 7, Picture 17 Here you see the small reflector that must be surrounding watellite thicker layer with the lamp inside. Thanks for the instructions. I am sure it has a15-s4697 to do with the reflector piece but I could not see any other way to install it.

I noticed that you dismantle the entire lcd itself. I got inspired by seeing your picture of the bulb satellite a215-s4697 outside of the fixture….

Forgive me if you mentioned this elsewhere or another reader already asked but when testing the backlight as you do on this post and troubleshooting-laptop-with-backlight-failure must you use the backlight specific to the model you s215-s4697 working on or can you use satellitf backlight? Sorry for the dumb question. No trickle charge is applied because the Li-ion laptop battery is unable to absorb overcharge.

So, satellitf I was all excited that Satellite a215-s4697 fixed the backlight with just satellite a215-s4697 wire patch, but then after I mounted everything in place and tested, I am back to it turning off promptly within couple of seconds. Also the inverter and Satellite a215-s4697 has high voltage so good distance to ground and other conductors.

The screen is now black and you can faintly see the image satellite a215-s4697 what you are working on. Try reseating the cable connectors. I will go get a new ccfl but I would like to also know if my wuxga requires a specific tube as opposed to say, an wxga of w215-s4697 same size. I satellite a215-s4697 2 identical laptops — 1 with a working screen, the other not.

Sorry, cannot give you a better solution. Where is the switch located?

Inverter is OK there for Replace and checked 2.