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But there is an easy workaround:. Except where otherwise noted, content on this wiki is licensed under the following license: Can I have ur comments on it. Los 3 pasos los realiza correctamente. No, they are tied to Indian networks. Yash Umesh Tamakuwala May 23, The best dongle always depends on how well you chose you tariff plans.

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GSM VoIP Gateway with Chan_dongle

Alternatively a powered USB hub can be used as well. Hi Sir If I get an aitel 3G dongle from bangalore will I be able hiawei use it in other states without roaming charges. At the time of dongle purchase it has been told to us that your huawei e303c linux will be get activated after 48hrs and a techincal visit will huawei e303c linux happend for enquiry as this is important for the postpaid connections. But tata photon is not 3G, its a 2G network. These instructions assume you’re using ckermit on a Linux system, but they will give you all you need to do the same on a Windows box.

In Delhi you should yuawei able to get 14mbps. How to connect to Serial Port: If you have unscrewed the antenna connectors, now you can remove outer frame.

TP-Link TL-WRND [OpenWrt Wiki]

I want a best dongle connection for internet so u pls tell me which one is the best Reply. Log in via ssh e. The tariff plans and usage plans are huawei e303c linux differ from every company to company. Dipankar October 17, huaweo Rahul Gondane August 31, huawei e303c linux This can be done with any phone.

Yes, it supports all networks.

So when ever you cross the limit, your plan will drop down from upto 7mbps to kbps or less. Rahul Gondane May 29, Cute cutie June 10, Ajay Pandey August 21, huawei e303c linux Hello, Thanks a lot for this blog. Denunciar Comenta la respuesta de Astillo.

Comenta la respuesta de Panding. This seeems like a good idea to me. I suppose that minicom work with one dongle only.

Rahul Gondane January 12, Do you want a network tied dongle or a universal one? I dont linuux outstations, huawei e303c linux only for mumbai Reply. Manjunath February 26, Rahul Gondane July 30, Both are cheaters, who plan to sell dongles and make money. In case a powered USB hub is used, try a different one or even try without it.

It could be a poor lniux, have you tried in other areas? NP January 13, Thanks a lot Satish, your tips worked huawei e303c linux me.

Internet Móvil

Augmentine October 22, I live in Kolkata. Go for Idea or Vodafone. Huawei e303c linux biggest problem of Idea 3G broadband is its poor customer service.

If we buy open dongle which can use any SIM card, in that case which dongle is best? Thankyou very much Sir Reply. If you find huaaei hard to do, leave them in place: Till huawei e303c linux this is the worst service given by Vodafone which we have f303c.

Wan to Lan Throughput V1. If you find that the serial console will not accept write commands, check with a multimeter that you have continuity between RX and R They do not accept customer complaints and if you are able to somehow put a complaint through linuc huawei e303c linux from where purchased the dongle MTS people will close the complaints even without informing you. Could huawei e303c linux please help? I want to unlock my Huawei modem e but my country Rwanda is not in selected country where your service is provided.

I have been searching for this for the past couple of days and got full information. Go for a universal dongle, something from Huawei would be a good choice, llinux on your budget.