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When I got a Satellite A laptop with this problem for the first time it took me just 10 minutes to troubleshoot it. I recently had a spill on my laptop i immeditately turned it upside down in the sink and turned it off. My A75 is only 6 months old and will shut down in full power mode, after surfing the net I was relieved to find your detailed process for disassemly. If the same video defect appears on both internal laptop LCD and external monitor, then most likely you have a problem with the graphics card. I do have another question about the same laptop.

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I place some downward toshiba m35x s111 near the dvd drive and it fixed the problem. Sandy, Sounds like a problem with the LCD screen. Boot your laptop from this CD it looks like Windows and see if it still goes to stand by. I read somewhere where 1 guy was having a connection problem and used alumium foil on the end toshiba m35x s111 his adapter and that helped.

After that I repaired over 15 Satellite As with exactly same problem gray screen with s111 horizontal lines by replacing the toshiba m35x s111. In the past two days my AC connection has begun flickering and going off. Then I thought it could be overheating and I cleaned it as the procedure you show in the website, it stills the same. Can heatsink cleaning help? I was wondering which one would be the best one.

Test the laptop with an external monitor. It overheated within I believe 30 minutes or so. Hello My question is I have a toshiba satellite laptop. What is the procedure for fixing these overheating issues when they happen again on the a One or more of these toshiba m35x s111 may be cutted, and it seems to be the reason of the problem.

It did not fix my problem. It should start spinning right away after toshibba turn it on. Cant get it to go back to normal size. When you assemble the laptop, make sure that both fan connectors are plugged toshiba m35x s111 the system board.

The laptop is unable to get a good startup even if the display starts out ok, in the end some sort of display problem happens. The machine was tlshiba quiet. Did you test the laptop with an external monitor? Call Toshiba customer service line at and ask them if they can sell you one. Could be toshiba m35x s111 video cable.

Once I had to repair a laptop with similar problem. I reassembled everything works except one.

BIOS Setup / BIOS settings — access instructions

If after reinstalling the operating system you still experience the same problem, toshiga I can only blame the system board. It is pretty solid and cannot be easily broken. I used to have the overheating problem but fixed it by cleaning the heatsink and every few months thereafter cleaning it.

My video distorts at random and toshiba m35x s111 me to restart my laptop. Also if I do this toshiba m35x s111 you reccomend a routine dissmantle? This CD is for: Even found there is a fuse on the circuit board but that was OK. Could you give a Tosbiba for a replacement LCD screen for me? The other day Toshiba m35x s111 was using it the display lightly changed colors, the information that was on the screen started to fade, the colors around the edge toshiba m35x s111 the screen looked like a cloud turn all grayish and the cloud or misty looking toshiba m35x s111 advanced toward the center of the screen.

I change it and I will tell you if my problem disapears. In this case you can try to replace the CPU fan without disassembling the entire unit. You can use these discs to reimage the hard drive back to factory defaults. Keeping a magnet near the switch seems to keep it on for a while longer. Then trouble starts after 2 or 3 months. Most likely this is happening because of a loose part. I think the invert board is to convert small dc voltage into high RMS voltage to ignite the backligh and control the brightness not have to do with color?


Batterie ordinateur portable pour Toshiba Satellite C | 01

Toshiba m35x s111 must take the computer apart to gain access to the processor and remove fans, heatsink and processor. This is my first time im going to take it apart, so hopefully it m3x take long. Can you take it back and exchange for a new one? Since then I use grease that came with the heatsink.

The laptop is about 18 months old. Try to twist the screen, apply some tension to it.

Batterie ordinateur portable

I did so and when the technical guy turned the laptop on it worked perfectly without external monitor. If yes then most likely you have a bad screen. Can you help toshiba m35x s111 The PC will have to be truly off not suspended, or in standby mode, or in hibernation mode. Yeah, i got the equipement here to rework those motherboards CJ I think it could be useful for all of you with guys:. I am almost positive after reading some of the posts that the LCD is broken now, but could it toshiba m35x s111 been something else that caused it?

Usually laptops are sold with recovery discs.