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Nov 06, Ginger rated it it was ok. It does have some mountains they have to get through, and some misunderstandings occur. But he’s really dangerous, so Andre and Teagan just stay downlowd and have sex in a cave.

Dark Ghost (Dark, #24)

Her inner voice made me want to shoot her or me to end the agony! Theirs adrk a loving sensual romance but it’s not without it’s turbulence! Dark Predator Christine Feehan.

He is your typical CF alpha male in that he is super protective, dominant, and caveman in the dark ghost christine feehan pdf download he just takes his woman, but he was also very sweet and he tries to compromise with Teagan. There is no natural chemistry between them. Jul 27, Dee rated it did not like it Shelves: It never said if she worked in the field or not. Let’s enable the other person! So, what was it that I didn’t like about this one?

But what do I know? Teagan is not used to being dismissed and has difficulty with Andres high handed ness but then again having been alive for centuries it would be almost impossible for this dominant Dark ghost christine feehan pdf download male not to take charge. Andre and Teagan are very cute together, and there is a nice relationship built in this book. Even with several instances of repetition, it was shorter than her usual. Some things were a matter of honor. Dark Hunger Christine Feehan.

Dark Challenge Christine Feehan. I guess he thought it was ‘easing her into his world’ but she thought she was losing her mind when she was suddenly sensitive to sunlight and able to see in the dark. Oceans of Fire Christine Feehan. September 1, Genre: If you have to tell a guy, “Hey, I’m really intelligent,” methinks you doth protest too much.

Look for it in stores or order it online. We do get a mystery in what has been happening to the dowhload, so I am looking forward to seeing more.

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The excitement never ends as spine tingling tension builds throughout the story not only from the heated encounters between Andre and Teagan but from the danger stalking them as the master vampire dark ghost christine feehan pdf download his pack are relentless and insatiable but there is still the matter of the ones hunting Teagan as well.

Complaining aside I liked Tegan and I like Andre. Definitely a must read for Feehan fans.

Christine Feehan · OverDrive (Rakuten OverDrive): eBooks, audiobooks and videos for libraries

Thank you for the lovely book, Christine Feehan. I feel downlooad if this was just a filler book to help pass the time until the release of Gary’s book considering setting up meeting Teagan’s grams is the only thing Dark Ghost accomplished. Summary Andre Boroi is a carpathian, a bounty hunter and hunts the undead.

Hell, I want to meet Granny Trixie!!!!! There is some mild peril and random sub-plots that get left hanging, which I assume will take us to the US and to the triplets in subsequent books, but nothing that got me all that excited. Reviewer information can be found under the Tags section of the dark ghost christine feehan pdf download on our site.

He knew he should. When you are frightened, look to me. Dark Ghost is such an excellent book. There again I think that fehan of the complaints are about who Teagan is then about the authors style of writing. Andre has been craving her for an eternity: This book is just really irritating me – and at least it’s not all caps, right?