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Another tiny cramped pub for that after work mug of ale. It contains all you need to dowload about the Lendore Isles and running L4. After the rise of Bane in the realm of Chernoggar, Gruumsh used all of his power to throw his entire realm literally at him. Ready to drop into your game.

Dragonsfoot – First Edition AD&D

Details Being dropped into the middle of a strange and eerie island, your adventurers have to fight for their lives to escape the evil that inhabits this weird island. Details The adventurers find themselves outside of a set of caves in the Dragon Teeth Mountains.

Shrine Of The Oracle. In his own pantheon, Gruumsh rules over all the other gods although Shargaas and Yurtrus bear him little real loyalty beside that made from fearand has his orders carried out through his lieutenant Ilneval. The Gorgon’s Alliance Planescape: The Famine at Fort Kraken.

Luthic is described as a matronly orc with very long claws. Ruins of the White Watch.

Brave and inquisitive adventurers are needed to solve the mystery and bring peace to the people of Bemuen. Stormpaintress Reakms Vol 1. The first appearance of the setting was in I6: Small, yet highly practical! Details Welcome to the most excellent issue 22 of our very own e-zine.

You may require WinZip to unpack this file. Details The second chapter in Jerry Leonard’s excellent story Horror of Spider Point – Map Pack. The son of Gruumsh and Luthic, Bahgtru has been described as a huge orc d&d 3.5 forgotten realms campaign setting pdf download bulging muscles and dirty tan skin. The precise nature of the Dark Powers of Ravenloft is never explicitly described in sdtting game material, with the exception of a few of the novels based on the setting, and even those are considered non-canon.

Each domain is mystically ruled by a being called a ” Darklord “. Details Meet the Demon Shaman, a sub-class of magic-user that can summon demons by force of will.

Skein Of The Death Mother. Details A great article discussing how to protect a castle in a fantasy world.

Orc deities

The Placement of Monsters and Magic. The Great Druid of Zanzia has summoned adventurers to the standing stones near the city of Barrowmar. They do not remember how they got here or why they came. Details An adventure for characters of first level. It’s d&s full of mini-adventures, monsters, d&d 3.5 forgotten realms campaign setting pdf download and much more.

Details Are you hero enough pdg defeat the evil of the priests of chaos? Details A mysterious castle has appeared on a mountain near the capital city of Zanzia.

Alternative Spider Point Manor Maps. Details A list of useful names of people and places. Details This character sheet is a real gem. Allies Fate of the Jedi: The Genie’s Curse Birthright: Revised and updated May Add us to your favorites list now! This article takes a scientific look at the moons and their sething. An Adventure of characters of level This page was last edited on 7 Decemberd&d 3.5 forgotten realms campaign setting pdf download These authors have included Elaine BergstromP.

Rumours about fabulous hidden treasure and deadly mist dragons.

The Beast of Geshtein. Details This article examines the tallfellow halfling and expands upon the world of an often under-developed race. Dungeon Master’s Guide Wizards of the Coast HM4 – Pop goes the Meazel.

Another indispensable guide for any DM or player. Play by Email article UK4: Secrets of the Astral Sea.