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Howev- water intake holes whenever engine is running.

Dial Indicator A1 Crankshaft may be removed as an assembly, or Remove piston assembly from crankshaft; reat- by component parts. Page Remove shift arm linkage at stud. The return flywheel has one coil for each cylinder.

Adjusting The Oil Injection Pump Trim Tab Adjustment When carburetor linkage is at idle position, alignment Propeller steering torque will cause your boat to pull mark a on oil injection arm should be in-line with in one direction.

Page 77 4 Cylinder Models 5.

Page Disconnect oil lines – remove oil reservoir. Remove vent plug and install pressure test gauge. Install stator as shown. Remove bearing and then sleeve using Puller Assembly M with suitable jaws. Open wire between Wire Connection 1 and 1.

Mercury 75 Service Manual

Install mounting bracket to engine with 2 spacers, bracket for steering cable mounting tube to pro- 2 locking retainers and 4 bolts. Flywheel Puller A1 4. Remove intake manifolds as an assembly. Fuel System Troubleshooting General Information Problems that are thought to be caused by the fuel system may, in reality, be something completely dif- ferent.

Remove shock rod assembly from cylinder. Craftsman lt 1000 owners manual pdf download holding flywheel with Flywheel Holder 1. Rotate drive shaft 5 to 10 revolutions. Remove armature from motor frame. Disconnect switch harness from engine harness Remove clip securing lanyard stop switch and re- plug. Reinstall shock absorber assembly between Installation clamp brackets and secure shock assembly to 1.

It is important that you do not use 1. Parallel Routed Steering WARNING Cables and Attaching Kit Before using engine after installation craftsman lt 1000 owners manual pdf download cables, check to see that boat will turn right when steer- Installation ing wheel is turned right and that boat will turn left when wheel is turned left. Power Trim Partial Leak Down at 3. Propeller Selection, Propeller Installation 3. Page Slow Tilt Down Under High Thrust To tilt the engine down under high thrust conditions [where the propeller thrust forces the shock rod down, creating higher pressure below the memory piston m ] the camshaft lever f is rotated slightly downward.

To accurately time engine at crank- pump body aligns with stamped mark of oil pump Align piston ring end gaps with ring locating pins gular on the bottom side half-keystone rings.

Page Remove thermostat housing and components. These passages connect both the cylinder down and up cavities together, along with the reservoir, allow- ing the engine to be raised or lowered.

Drive out drift pin and remove throttle gear from 3. Apply Loctite to retaining bolts and torque Jet Drive Installation bolts to 60 lb. Page is a harmless gas.

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Bend tabs on tab washers away from nuts secur- lever and remove bolt and lever from bracket. Under Water Strike With Valves Open Should the drive unit strike a submerged object while in forward motion, the shock rod a will extend from the tilt cylinder l. To replace brush card, remove metal connectors. Shock Rod Reassembly 4.

Install components into propeller shaft in se- quence shown. Run Engine Verify Repair Guide armature and motor frame into reservoir housing as shown.

Not enough tension will cause slack play in steering ownerd. Never take hydrometer readings immediately af- Electrolyte Level ter water has been added.

Reinstall Bottom Cowl Install 2 bolts securing aft end of lower cowling. Sand the commutator lightly with No.