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Warranty Inspection and Repairs To. Joining the Wing Panels Hint:.

Camshaft locking tool Check slipping moment counterclockwise by us- ing a torque wrench with actual torque viewer. Install the crankshaft cover before mounting the 1. Page 31 Section 7: Page 20 Section 3: Oil filter housing 2.

Page 3 Legal deposit: However, pay attention to the following. InConsumer Reportsan influential American magazine, acknowledged the assemlby of the radial tire design, documenting its longer tread life, better steering characteristics, and less rolling resistance, which increases gas mileage.

When installing the spring washers, take care of the exact installation direction of the washers.

Hangar 9 F6F Hellcat 60 ARF Assembly Manual

These belts can be made of steel hence the term steel-belted radialpolyesteror Aramid fibers such as Twaron or Kevlar. Refill engine at the proper level with the recom- mended oil. To remove carburetors from engine, proceed as fol- Inspect parts for corrosion dammage shaft, butterfly, lows: At that time, racing tires were either slick tires made with the cross ply technique very wide tires with a reduced sidewall heightor radial tires, which were too narrow to withstand the Stratos’ power and did not provide enough grip.

Enter text from picture: Oil pressure regulator plug 5. Assekbly increase strength, the manufacturer would increase the number of plies, and the heat buildup in the tire. Detach cable end from throttle body All Engines Pull intake manifold out. This will help pin-point a problem. Required Tools and Adhesives do.

Every time when supercharger shaft Apply enough engine oil on ball bearing. Cable barrel position in cam 1.

Page 27 Section 6: This design avoids having the plies rub against each other as the tire flexes, reducing enginw tire’s rolling friction. Mark on crankshaft 2. Don’t have an account?


Page 23 Section 4: Italic sub-title above exploded view indicate pertaining models. In the sidewall region the angle was 45 degrees, and in the bead it remained at 60 degrees. When installing PTO seal on super- charged engines, make sure to position the Oetiker clamps as shown in the picture.

Radial tires have different characteristics ejgine springiness from those of bias-ply tiresand a different degree of slip while steering. Hold the valve disc with fingers while removing the washer. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. For aircraft, the transition is happening more slowly – tires are certified along with the airframe. It is absolutely necessary to follow The advantages of radial tires over bias ply tires: Be careful when unlock- ing valves.

Outlet hose distance A. Push here and hold while pulling connector out 1. A radial has less material in the assrmbly, so it weighs less, runs cooler and lasts longer. Torque angle gauge 1.

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