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This book’s discussion of programming philosophy and code style is essential reading. The rating I’ve given therefore reflects my experience reading the book, more than the quality of it, which is indisputable.

There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Given that context, I find it difficult to find fault with most of the book. This book is a mcconnelll good examination of low-level design of code. Code Complete is a downloqd work, so this summary is, necessarily, very high level.

In fact, in the time since starting my job I have helped train two new members to my software team, and reading Code Complete was the cmoplete things I had them do.

However, if you already have a fair amount of experience developing software professionally, I would suggest you look elsewhere for good reading. A “wicked” problem is one that can be clearly defined only by solving it. Various by Gerald Weinberg.

Code Complete – A Practical Handbook of So.pdf

This thing is freakin’ huge! In particular, I appreciated downloaad performance chapters where he talks about how to improve performance loaded term Although I had initially suspected that the book reading was some useless filler task while they found something for me to do, looking ateve I probably learned more about programming on a team than I did during the first two years of college programming courses.

If you’ve been programming for a while, and haven’t read this like methen you’ll find it to be a good structured outline of what you’re doing already, with quite a few new things sprinkled in.

Help discusses nuances of the language as well as the basics and mentions common problems in using features of the language. Write libraries that will support the programming features you want for the problem at hand. Effective Teamwork, Practical Integration. It’s hard to believe that I lack any capability whatsoever to view the topology of my programs, especially when I’ve had a similar capability in my writing tools for more than five downlpad.

Note that the plan should be supplemented to the needs and interests of particular developers. Jan 12, Russell rated it it was amazing. This book remains a classic in its domain. How to Learn Your Next Programming It is important to point out that even though this volume is encyclopedia-like, it does have both a sense of humor e. Similarly, the author did not like the indentation standard use by Gnu.

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It was very rewarding to me to see many of the pieces of advice given reaffirming my own coding practices and the way things are done here at SEP, but I certainly took some new information away. Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web.

Emotional Intelligence for IT Professionals: Max Kanat-Alexander on simplicity, coding, and how to suck Design for minimum complexity and maximum creativity Reap the benefits of collaborative development Apply defensive programming techniques to reduce and flush out errors Exploit opportunities to refactor—or evolve—code, and do it safely Use construction practices that are right-weight for your project Debug problems quickly and effectively Resolve critical construction issues early and correctly Build quality into the beginning, middle, and end of your project.

Some current environments provide feeble support for automatic indentation of control structures as you enter them.

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Now this classic book has been fully updated and revised with leading-edge practices—and hundreds of new code samples—illustrating the art and science of software construction. Creating High-Quality Code; Chapter 5: Here is a quasi-random selection: I fully intend re-reading every 18 months or so to check up on myself and evaluate the suggested best-practices.

Rated by customers interested in. What do flashlights, the British invasion, black cats, and seesaws have to do with computers?

Understand the Blockchain Ecosystem and How to Mak Published 3 days ago. Would you like to tell us about a lower price?

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I was enthralled with the style of writing and ideas mdconnell as much as Mythical Man Month. Eventually I lost my interest and stopped reading it.

You can follow a chain of calls to routines up and down–pointing at the name of the routine you want to view in more detail. When done well, this makes the code easier to read and easier to modify. McConnell posits that intelligence is less important than other personal characteristics such as humility, curiosity, intellectual honesty, communication and cooperation, creativity and discipline, effective laziness, and good habits.

May 26, Robert rated it it was amazing. Layout and Style; Trivia About Code Complete.

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