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Feb 10, Ali rated it it was amazing. Professor Clarke points out that Columbus set in motion, political forces that established a global system of exploitation. And colonialism, oh, that was necessary to teach the Africans the art and science of self-government!

No trivia or quizzes yet. The first was Columbus landing in America and the second was the re-awakening of Europe from the Dark Ages that befell the continent after the fall of Rome. Maybe in this fakery about spreading civilization he destroyed more civilizations than he ever built and did the world more harm than good. Not only did European succeeded in enslaving and colonizing other people, but the most disastrous aspect of such colonization is what Dr.

Clarke provides an overall analysis of a period of history that has been systematically falsified and hidden from the serious scrutiny of African-centred scholars and researchers and other committed individuals. Now I do not mean to negate the German and the European Holocaust. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. This is the supreme tragedy on our mind in the world Christopher Columbus did not discover, programming our mind to convince us that we could not even make a safety pin… There are Africans educated in Africa with Africa money who are scattered all over the world; they want to be anything but Africans.

That said, the polemic is powerful, decenters and challenges simplistic historical narratives, and the ending, a call to mourn and memorialize, is surprising and gives one pause. The present job of Pan-Africanism is to unite again all the African Holocaust survivors. There are much more serious much better informed books available.

Why did he do it? If, according to his own journals, Columbus had some sailing experiences along the coast of West Africa. Clarke analyzes the role played by Cristobal Colon, aka, Christopher Columbus in this horrendous crime against the African people which led to consequences such like racism that African people still confront today in their daily lives.

We have made white hotels rich by having our conferences there.

This is a must read for anyone that wants to know the details ofand the lies that our kids and ourselves are being taught in schools across the world regarding Columbus and his pirates.

Analyzing all these questions posed in this chapter is not something that could be tackled within the scope of a book review. Avrican Preview See a Problem?

Christopher columbus and the african holocaust pdf download

Open your third eye. A terrific book – the only problem was that it was too short. For those who start reading about the subject, I’d recommend a more serious book: I maintain that afridan is no solution for African people, except for some form of Pan African Nationalism, no matter how you cut it.

No one of note claims that Africa “needed” the Europeans for anything, the fact is that Northern merchants came and traded manufactured goods for slaves, that’s objective and does not pf moralistic commentaries.

Ours must certainly be the only race that glorifies its oppression. It may christopher columbus and the african holocaust pdf the shareware limitations, but the screensaver seems to lack variety with the current settings.

Susan Jackson rated it it was amazing Jun 19, Feb 03, Julio Duran rated it liked it. It makes interesting reading, though. Outside of the U. Dr John Henrik Clarke does a phenomenal job with giving historical background on the truth behind America’s beloved explorers and hero Christopher Columbus by exposing the so-called hero as a rapist racist and murderer of millions of indigenous people.

download Christopher columbus and the african holocaust pdf

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Reading this book one can be forgiven for having completely forgotten that, at the basis of the slave trade, was a simple commercial choice: Europe was short of food and realized it needed more spices from the Far East to use as food preservatives.

Apr 18, Karen Brown rated it it was amazing. No need for paranoia, conspiracy and mental pathologies, the realty of the cold calculation that led to slavery is terrifying enough. Worse, most of these commentaries are totally unwarranted. John Henrik Clarke should require no introduction to any educated African. The slave trade, oh, the savages were doing it all the time?

Clarke even challenges us in the last paragraph of the book, and I accept; a memorial for the ancestors that died during the Middle Passage must be built for o I loved every page of this book. The pen and brush tools performed well enough that we didn’t miss a pen or touch input, but managed quite well with the mouse.

It is often forgotten that there were millennia of state and society formations and that there were advanced cultures and civilizations in Africa long before the Europeans came to Africa and negatively impacted on the continent. Even in the USAwhites were first used as slaves before the slave traders decided on Africa!

Mungo ParkThe Landers, David Livingstone, Hawkins and rest we were taught were civilized discoverers and not pirates and thugs.

Christopher Columbus And The Afrikan Holocaust Slavery And Rise Of European Capitalism

The myth of the invader and conqueror as civilizer: It is wonderful that in the book it takes us to the history of the slave trade and how there is no evidence that Christopher Columbus ever discovered America. A few inaccuracies concerning WWII but this book was a gem.

The intent of every invader, no matter what his color, is to establish his own way of life and, in nearly every case, the local culture columbue. Apr 26, kripsoo rated it it was amazing.


The fall of Songhai coincided with two important events in history and these have direct bearing on the Trans-Atlantic slavery. Feb 19, Daniel rated it really liked it. Clarke was among those that rescued Africa from the dustbin into which European scholars have dumped the birthplace of Man and the cradle of civilization.

Clarke challenges the traditional views of African Civilizations and its strength and weaknesses before the enslavement and colonialism periods. Return to Book Page.

There have been interactions among the world cultures since the dawn of history with each culture respecting the other.